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Wow, its been six months since I posted an update last, I've been that busy. I have a heap of past commissions and other personal sewing pieces to post up, and these aren't all of them! My apologies for the image heavy post!

Mary Magdalene replica (design altered from original), commissioned by sefieslj

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I am currently finishing up the last of my commission list, then I will be going on hiatus till early 2009. I may post up some ready made doll clothes to sell in the meantime, but won't be taking commissions till at least January.

Recent Commissions

Jareth and Sarah cosplays made for cielrose and Shasta. Jareth's shirt and vest, and Sarah's shirt were made by me.
These costumes won the cosplay competition at SWANCON.

I still have some commission slots available for May if anyone is interested.
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Dorset at The Doll Affair!

For anyone who is in Singapore this weekend, Dorset will be at The Doll Affair. Go and say hi to the lovely Celeste of VeryBerry who will have some samples of my work, as well as the Monique wigs catalogue and colour samples for pre-order. Any wigs ordered at TDA will not have to pay shipping charges.

Recent commissions and Personal Collection

Its been awhile since I've updated, so I apologise in advance for the spam over the next week as I get photos from various people.
Today's is just of doll items, I'll do one of lolita clothes tomorrow.

Embroidered shirt, red velvet corset and red velvet shorts commissioned by hiritai

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I am available for commission for December if anyone is interested. Feel free to email me at dorsetclothing[at]gmail[dot]com for any enquiries. :)

Dorset now a Monique wigs dealer!

So, finally working towards my plan of not just taking commissions as part of Dorset, I am now a dealer for Monique wigs! :D

I will be taking orders for the first group order until the 25th of August. The prices for each item are on the webpage.

If you're in Melbourne I can organise to meet you to pick up your order at no extra cost. If you're interstate, email me and I will let you know the cost of shipping. I accept cash, paypal and bank transfer.

As Monique sells other doll items, I will link to just the BJD pages:

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If you would like to order something, please email me at dorsetclothing[at]gmail[dot]com

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Latest Commissions

Wa lolita/Miko outfit, made for ashurie

White cotton kimono top with red pleated satin trim on the collar, and red satin ribbon on sleeves. Red cotton pleated skirt made to resemble hakama, and a red cotton obi.

Salwar Kameez made for LadyDragonflyAJH on Den of Angels.

Tunic and scarf are made from an actual Sari. Pants made from cotton dril, with hand painted pattern on the hem to match tunic. The doll is an Elfdoll Ryung.