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Dorset's 4th Birthday Contests!

As I mentioned in my last post, March 2011 marks the 4th year of Dorset. There will be a number of events and competitions occurring over the month of March including:

- Lucky Packs
- Photography competition
- Design competition

The first two I will get to in a couple of month's time, but I would like to announce the design competition now, to give you guys some time to work on ideas.

Dorset's Design Competition

Design a BJD outfit which you would like me to make. There are 4 categories you can enter:

- Super Gem/65+ dolls
- SD (this includes Zaoll)
- MSD (this includes slim mini)
- YoSD

You can design for either boy or girl, it's up to you. There will be one winner per category. You can enter each category once, however you can only win once.

The winners will receive their design made by me, and I will make a limited run of each of the winning designs for sale.

How to enter
Send your entries to my email: dorsetclothing[at]gmail[dot]com
With your entries please include the following:

LJ/DoA/DA username: (one, any, all)
Doll size: (you are welcome to put a specific doll company if you would like me to make it for that size ie - Unoa, or MNF large bust. However if I do not have access to that doll I will make the outfit to the doll with the closest measurements.)

Entries close Friday March 19th

Things to note/Disclaimers
- It will take me a couple of months to make the finished products, as I will need to source materials.
- In some cases I may change elements if I am unable to source something appropriate (i.e- tiny buckles are hard to find and expensive when you do find them)
- I am away in Russia during Feb, so I may be slow to acknowledge that I have received your entry.

Keep an eye out for more events in the coming months! :D
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