dorset_clothing (dorset_clothing) wrote,

Long time between updates

I always forget to update this page, which is partly the reason for this update.

This journal was made for people to be able to keep track of their commissions progress, but as I am no longer taking commmissions I won't be using it so much.

I have decided to focus on ready made items only - primarily bjd clothing, but the odd lolita piece will slip in there too I'm sure. As I feel bad cross posting things everywhere, I'll only be posting updates at my personal journal - kawaii_mon, or my Deviant Art. Feel free to add me to either if you'd like to keep up with what I'm making.

My bjd items are being constantly updated, at least once a week if not more. The sales thread for anyone interested is here.

And to make this post a bit more interesting visually, here's some of the items I've been making for the past six months.

Thank you to everyone who has commissioned me over the past few years, I've really appreciated your support. :)
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