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It's been awhile..

Wow, it's been a long time since I updated this journal! Changes in work, a wedding and other things have forced me to change the way I work. I have a few more commissions I'm finishing up over the next couple of months, and then I'm taking a break from commissions while I decide upon a new plan of attack. I will most likely be doing more ready made pieces to sell, and only take on one or two commissions a month at most. I just don't like waiting lists - even though people are okay with waiting, it makes me feel bad that they are!

So firstly, for all the bjd owners on my flist, I have been making some casual items in a range of sizes, from Super Gem to Zaoll to YoSD sizes. My DoA thread is here.

For everyone else, this is what I've been up to for the past year. Amongst working on commissions I got married, and I had a moment of crazy and made my wedding dress, my husband's coat and shirt, and my bridesmaid's outfit. Under the cut are some pics, as well as finished commissions. :)

My husband's wedding coat, made from silk brocade and cotton velvet.

The front of my gown, with my husband of course. ;)

And the backs of out outfits. My outfit was a top and skirt made from silk dupion, cotton velvet and embroidered tulle. I had made a corset to wear underneath to get the Victorian sillhouette I wanted.

bankevair, my bridesmaid, wearing a silk taffeta skirt with chantilly lace ruffle, and a brocade corset.

And on with finished commissions and such!

"Tree Dress" for discardtheold.

Atelier Boz skirt and bolero replica, with a pintucked shirt designed by myself for sopoliini

Innocent World replica JSK for sopoliini

Captain Harlock cosplay coat for captain_booyah

Purple top with white lace detailing for <"lj user="midori_keiko">

And that's it. I'm planning on posting more often (definitely more often than once a year!), so be sure to look out for items I have up for sale! :D
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